Steps To Repair 1997 Jeep Fault Codes

You may encounter an error message that talks about 1997 Jeep trouble codes. Coincidentally, there are several ways to fix this problem, so we’ll cover them shortly.

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  • If you are running an engine check on your 1997 TJ, here is a list of codes that will help you determine what your current problem is.

    How do I read my Jeep code?

    Insert the key into the ignition.Switch to the “ON” position without starting the Jeep.Press the key and turn it three times to the “OFF” position, then to the “ON” position and pull it out to the “ON” position.

    To run a test and easily determine which error codes it returns, run the followingshchie actions. Turn the big button OFF. -> ON OFF -> -> ON within 5 minutes. It takes a little time for checks and codes to show up right on the digital odometer display.

    Does 1997 Jeep Wrangler have OBD port?

    Exclusively up to 1997, they do not support OBD1 or OBD2. and you should have a 2 digit engine ECU code displayed on the dashboard if your correct engine has a DTC. Some codes turn on the engine light in a critical condition, some do not.

    If you must have a 1998-2006 TJ, here is the code table.

    Code Description 11

  • Crank reference signal not detected during engine rotation.
  • Intermittent failure of the camshaft, crankshaft, or possibly even the position sensor.
  • The CKP target detector windows have too many options. battery
  • 12

  • The direct PCM connector has been disabled within the last 50 boot cycles.
  • 13

  • There are no known differences between engine MAP readings and takeoff barometric (atmospheric) pressure readings.
  • 14

  • MAP sensor input is above or better below voltage. volt
  • 5 Exit to open the MAP sensor.
  • 15

  • No vehicle speed sensor prefix detected under road load. Done
  • 17

  • Engine does not reach operating temperature within recommended limits.
  • Engine does not heat up to 20°F within 5 minutes with car, good speed signal.
  • 21

  • The response of the upstream oxygen sensor is slower than the minimum required switching frequency.
  • Upper ticket sensor heater circuit malfunction.
  • Exhaust air sensor heater failure.
  • The input voltage of the lower weather sensor is maintained above the normal operating range.
  • Lambda probe voltage is also low, tested after cold start. (upstream or after downstream)
  • Left oxygen sensor input voltage is maintained above normal operating temperature.
  • 22

  • Engine coolant sensor temperature is above the next acceptable voltage.
  • 23

  • Intake air temperature sensor value or voltage is higher than acceptable. location
  • 24

  • Sensor/sensor inputThrottle position above or below the allowable voltage.
  • TPS signal does not correlate MAP with sensor.
  • 25

  • A short or conditional fault has been detected in one or more idle control motor circuits.
  • The actual idle speed does not match the idle speed of the target version.
  • 27

  • Injector and/or driver 3, 4 and/or 5 and/or 6 outputs do not respond correctly to the control signal.
  • 31

  • Open or short in A/C clutch circuit.
  • Insufficient or excessive vapor flow has been detected during operation of the evaporative emission system.
  • 33

  • Short or access condition detected in test cycle purge solenoid circuit.
  • 34

  • An open, possibly short, has been detected in the speed control vacuum circuits or the purge solenoid circuits.
  • Switch input speed, note the minimum allowable voltage below. transfer
  • 37

  • Only automatically!
  • The relationship between website speed and vehicle speed clearly indicates that the torque converter clutch is engaged.
  • An open and short in torque has been detected in the torque converter partial throttle release solenoid valve circuit.
  • Invalid state of park/neutral switch input detected.
  • 41

  • An open circuit or short circuit inside the generator can block the circuit.
  • 42

  • An open or short circuit has been detected in the auto stop relay circuit.
  • A more open ASD-Inform output schema. Open
  • Short circuit or short circuit detected in fuel pump information control circuit.
  • Open circuit between PCM and fuel gauge sensor.
  • Short circuit in the circuit. Voltage between PCM and flatulence sensor transmitter.
  • No. Oil level sensor when motion is detected.
  • 43

  • Primary cutoff edge of the peak contour e is achieved at the maximum settling time. Found
  • Ignition rate in one or more tanks from 1 to 6. Temperature
  • 44

  • Battery sensor when voltage is over or under range.
  • 46

  • The battery voltage detection input is higher than the target value, emphasizing the voltage while driving.
  • 47

  • Recommended battery voltage charges below target while driving. In addition, during active testing of the output oscillator circuit, no significant changes in battery voltage were detected.
  • 51

  • The lean air-fuel mixture was determined by the effective correction factor for abnormally rich mixture.
  • 52

  • A strong and abnormally rich correction factor indicates a productive air/fuel mixture.
  • 53

  • An internal PCM error has been detected.
  • 54

  • When starting the engineno camshaft signal detected.
  • 55

  • End of the fault indication signal on the Check Engine indicator.
  • 63

  • Unsuccessful attempt to write to the EEPROM of the PCM region. Or
  • 64 72

  • The efficiency of the catalyst is at the required level.
  • 65

  • Power steering with high pressure at high speed. (only 2.5L)
  • 72 or 64

  • The catalyst is below the required efficiency level.
  • 77

  • The installer has detected a malfunction in the feedrate control of the servo solenoids.
  • How do I find the engine code on my Jeep TJ?

    Within five seconds, turn on the main switch.Count the number of times the check engine light on the dashboard comes on and goes off quickly. The number associated with the blink is the error code. There is a short pause between the general flashes indicating the first and subsequent digits of the code.

    If your 1997 TJ has a paycheck light on, here is a list of codes to help you find the problem.

    1997 jeep error codes

    To perform part of the test and find out which error codes were generated, do the following: turn the key -> OFF. -> ON -> OFF -> ON for a few seconds it will only take one bit for some current tests and additionally view all codes on dThe odometer display of your digital camera.

    If you have a 1998-2006 TJ, you can find a table of these codes here.

    Code Description 11

  • No start reference detected during engine start.
  • Permanent failure of the camshaft, crankshaft or position sensor.
  • CKP handle sensor windows have too many options. battery
  • 12

  • Direct login to PCM has been disabled for the last 50 boot cycles.
  • 13

  • Since launch, no difference has been detected between the engine MAP value and the barometric pressure (atmosphere) value.
  • 14

  • The input signal of the absolute pressure sensor, mentioned earlier or acceptable in the section “Voltage.Volts”
  • 5 results for open MAP sensor.
  • 15

  • When loading the route, no signal was detected from the route speed sensor. Done
  • 17

  • Engine does not reach operating temperature within limits.
  • To receive a speed signalAnd the engine will warm up to 20°F within 5 minutes.
  • 21

  • The response of the upstream oxygen sensor is slower than the minimum required activation rate.
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