Issue With Ninject Kernel Get Options

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    You may run into an error message saying that the ninject kernel received parameters. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we will look at them now.

    Actually, you should be able to pass constructor arguments, since the processor once accepts those dependencies as arguments in the constructor.

    var foo equals new Ninject.Parameters.ConstructorArgument("foo", new Foo());var legal bar = Ninject new.Parameters.New constructor argument("bar", bar());var a = kernel.Get(foo, bar);public processor (Foo foo, Bar bar) matches foo; is equal to bar;

    Simona Chiaretta


    Mar 17, 2009 4:02:09 PM 20.09.09

    for nin…

    Today I wrote a generic service locator for my application, and even I wanted to write it to work and not contain Named or parameters.

    If you’re not familiar with this, this is a great new Ninject2 feature.

    if you store a service like



    You can use this to get the current correct feed based on the title


    In my application, most of the services depend on a large number of vehicles, so the system finder always passed the vehicle type to the get method.

    But some don’t really depend on the type of vehicle, but I don’t want you to change the locator if it changes frequently, and I just want to make changes only to the ideas module.


    For example, another service is often registered now:

    Bind() as.To();

    and it can stay the same. If

    ninject kernel get parameters

    but I’m trying to get it from the same path as before


    I get zero back.

    I just wrapped the get method in my own Get


    private T Get (string tipoBene) where Class


    return _kernel.Get(tipoBene)?? _core.

    But get();

    I’m wondering if this is just a common scenario and if this default implementation fetch method should be used.

    Iland sometimes adding some

    Reference ().To().Named().Always() to make it clearer


    Simone Chiaretta sufficiently advanced technology that is indistinguishable from magic

    “Life is short, get involved”

    Ian Davis


    Over Mar 20, 2009 4:28:24 3/20/09

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  • for nin…

    This doesn’t work in your main inbox?

    public class NamedInstanceTests

    public void CanResolveInstances()

    use ( IKernel kernel = new StandardKernel( QuoteModule() new[]new ) )
    < br>Instance var is kernel.Get();
    var namedInstance = kernel.Get(“car”);
    Assert.NotNull( case );
    Assert.Class notnull( name instance);

    ninject kernel get parameters

    General CoteModule: NinjectModule

    public override void Load()


    Bind ( ).To();

    IQuoteService public interface

    VB6QuoteService public class: IQuoteService

    Or do you just want Ninject to return a default value if the so-called resolution I fails? I think you can probably easily get this functionality with a proxy:

    public static class IKernenExtension

    public static T GetNamedOrDefault(this is IKernel core, string name) where T: class

    returns kernel.Get< T> ( Surname) ?? Kernel.Get();


    Ian Davis