What Causes Wsus 2008 Client Reinstallation And How To Fix It

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    If you find yourself reinstalling the wsus 2008 client, this user guide should help you.

    reinstall wsus client 2008

    Our populated WSUS seems to have all of the 500 GB of data it’s exclusively connected to. Running the built-in cleanup utility frees up a few GB of space, but it’s time to do the work than mThe lower the number, the smaller.

    I’ve seen previous posts about a brand new cleanup script that a contributor wrote himself but then disappeared. But ideally I would really like to wipe the entire WSUS and start over. Although it doesn’t seem that simple – there is a blog route here (https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/sus/2016/10/18/recreating-the-susdb-and-wsus-content-dossier -for -. ..), but :-

    a) I’m running a Windows 2008 treadmill server (which might not be the only problem) and

    b) this WSUS uses a wide variety of “##SSEE” database (whatever that is!), and the blog says “Please note that this blog post may not apply to you if you see # #SSEE.”< /p>

    Has anyone been able to uninstall and reinstall WSUS? And in general, just out of interest, what type of database does ##SSEE refer to, if so, is it not WID or SQL?

    Adam (AJ Tek)

  • Hey Geezer32,

    How do I uninstall WSUS and reinstall completely?

    Remove the following server roles and features using Server Manager: Roles: Windows Server Update Server.After restarting the server, manually delete the folder or data file in the following path: C:WSUS (depending on where you want to install WSUS).Delete database files.

    Thanks for your input.

    To completely uninstall WSUS, Required:

    Can you delete Susdb MDF?

    Delete the database used by WSUS (SUSDB.mdf and SUSDB_log.ldf). The easiest way on the market is to use SQL Server Management Studio by connecting to WID and finally right clicking on the SUSDB client base > Tasks > Disconnect.

    A. Frequently remove the following server roles and features offered by Server Manager:

    Roles: Windows Server Update Server

    How do I reinstall WSUS?

    For the time being, run PowerShell as an administrator.Run the UnInstall-WindowsFeature -Name UpdateServices -Ui command to remove the WSUS console.A successful exit code indicates that the WSUS console was successfully uninstalled.

    Features: Windows Server Update Services Tools (under Remote Server Administration Tools -> Role Management Tools)

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  • Follow the wizard’s instructions to complete the file deletion. Then restart this server.

    B. After restarting the server, many article directories delete the file folder or use the following path:

    – C:WSUS (depending on where you installed WSUS)

    – C:Program FilesUpdate Services

    C. Delete database files

    reinstall wsus client 2008

    If you are using SQL Server Management Studio to drop the database you can try:

    In Object Explorer, connect to an instance and attach the SQL Server Database Engine, and then deploy that instance. Expand Databases, right-click the database you want to delete and select Delete. Make sure the optimal database is selected, then click OK.

    If you are using a WID data source, it is recommended that you remove everything fromThe following path folders:


    D. In the IIS Information Services (IIS) manual manager, delete the WSUS administrative site. Then reactivate the server.

    Please restart your computing device and then reinstall WSUS by following the steps above. you

    How do I rebuild my WSUS server?

    Uninstall-WindowsFeature -Name UpdateServices,Windows-Internal-Database -Restart.After the reboot, delete EVERYTHING from the C:WindowsWID folder (for Win next r2).Then run the following command to reinstall WSUS: Install-WindowsFeature UpdateServices -Restart.

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