How To Deal With A Microsoft Firewall Service Stopped Due To A Specific Service Error?

If you’re stopping the Microsoft Firewall service with a service-specific error code, this user guide should help.

Resolve Common PC Errors

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  • I had the same scenario: Windows Firewall didn’t start.

    the microsoft firewall service terminated with service specific error

    If I clicked a button to open a dialog in the firewall, it simply wouldn’t work. When I tried this from a generic command line withnet start mpssvc, the page gave error 5.

    To do this, do the following: Sluzhba Brandmauera Microsoft Prekrashena Iz Za Konkretnoj Oshibki Sluzhby
    Le Service De Pare Feu Microsoft S Est Termine Avec Une Erreur Specifique Au Service
    El Servicio De Firewall De Microsoft Termino Con Un Error Especifico Del Servicio
    Der Microsoft Firewalldienst Wurde Mit Einem Dienstspezifischen Fehler Beendet
    Usluga Zapory Microsoft Zostala Zakonczona Z Bledem Specyficznym Dla Uslugi
    Il Servizio Microsoft Firewall E Terminato Con Un Errore Specifico Del Servizio
    O Servico De Firewall Da Microsoft Foi Encerrado Com Erro Especifico Do Servico
    Microsofts Brandvaggstjanst Avslutades Med Ett Tjanstspecifikt Fel
    De Microsoft Firewall Service Is Beeindigd Met Een Servicespecifieke Fout
    서비스 특정 오류로 인해 Microsoft 방화벽 서비스가 종료되었습니다